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Bundle & Save

Acupuncture is a cumulative therapy...the more you get, the more results you see.  Traditionally administered as a “Course of Treatment”, acupuncture treatments build on each other to bring you lasting change as it impacts your whole body.   Newly developed, acute conditions often respond well to 1 course, sometimes resolving with just a few treatments.  However, chronic conditions that have developed over years often require multiple courses to achieve significant relief.  Sometimes acupuncture becomes part of your overall health management plan to keep your quality of life as optimal as possible. These packages are intended to support your commitment to getting the dose most appropriate for you. 

Initial Introductory Package


  • Comprehensive evaluation of your chief complaint and health history 

  • Diagnosis of patterns and imbalances using the medical paradigm of Traditional Eastern Medicine 

  • First 3 treatments, scheduled within 10 days to achieve the best “dose” for rapid response

  • A clear Report of Findings explaining reasonable expectations and recommendations for treatment moving forward and appropriate lifestyle suggestions 


* savings of $10 off regular priced treatments.

Course Packages


  • Quick 5-10 minute updates on health status and re-assessment as needed at each treatment

  • Full-Course 10 acupuncture treatments

  • 1/2-Course 5 acupuncture treatments

  • Treatments take about 1 hour with rest time

Full-Course $630
1/2 Course $332.50

 * Full-course 10% savings, 1/2-course 5% savings

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