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Herbal Medicine

Time tested formulas and the art of combining individual herbs to address the unique needs of the patient are what make Chinese Herbalism safe and effective.  Like acupuncture, Chinese herbalism is holistic, and seeks to rectify imbalances that are causing discomfort rather than short-term masking of symptoms.



Cupping is a form of bodywork that utilizes glass or plastic cups.  When applied to the body, suction stimulates blood to the surface and strongly releases toxins and heat and promotes circulation.  



Moxibustion (aka “Moxa”) is a heat therapy that uses the herb mugwort.  When this herb is burned over an acupoint, it stimulates circulation, relieves pain, and vitalizes the blood. 


Acupuncture is technique that utilizes fine, sterile filiform (not hollow) needles gently inserted into the skin to produce a healing reaction in the body. Points are selected to match your particular constitution and symptoms in order relieve the discomfort you are experiencing and rebalance the body.  

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Other TCM Modalities

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